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The Magic of Suzhuo

The Magic of Suzhuo Of all the destinations in China that I paid a visit to; in fact, of all the destinations in Asia, Suzhuo was near the top of the list. This small city, considered the “backyard of Shanghai”, has been rightfully dubbed the “Venice of the East”. With the town’s beautiful little canals, …

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The Terracotta Warriors

The Terracotta Warriors When I sit back and think about the wide array of cultural experiences that took place during my time in China, visiting the Terracotta Warriors Museum was a pivotal moment in the forming of my overall opinion on what the country had to offer. Lovers of ancient history and architecture would find …

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Xian and the Dumpling Banquet

Xian and the Dumpling Banquet “Go to Beijing to discover a 1000-year-old China. Go to Xian to discover a 3000-year-old China.” Xian, considered one of the longest stretching roots of China’s history, was without a doubt one of my favourite stops on my journey through the spine of China. A bustling city no doubt, but …

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The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China Having spent two wonderful days exploring the grand city of Beijing, the next expedition on my “G Adventures” tour of China led me to probably the most well-known historical landmark in Asian culture. The third day of my elusive adventure was spent exploring one the original seven wonders of the …

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